Scope of MBA Finance

Posted on the 11 May 2016 by Renu Kumari
MBA finance helps its participants to manage the financial transactions of the company in an effective manner and efficient. The scope of the MBA finance is quite high in today scenario as MBA finance professionals after completing the study of raising capital, investment strategies, market economics and its effective utilisation join the management of a company. The MBA finance professionals have the options either to search a job or go for higher studies. An MBA Finance degree help the candidate to find the job in both sector Public and Private with attractive salary and perks.After completing the study in MBA finance, a candidate can join as a following position in a companyCash ManagersAsset ManagementCorporate FinanceCorporate BankingCredit Risk ManagementDerivatives StructuringHedge Fund ManagementPrivate EquityTreasuryChief Financial OfficerCorporate ControllersCredit ManagersCredit Risk Management AnalystFinancial ManagerFinancial Research AnalystFinancial/Securities/Investments AnalystInvestment BankersManagement ConsultantsPersonal Financial AdviserPortfolio ManagerRisk and Insurance ManagersTreasurersOptions for Higher Studies after MBA in FinanceThe MBA Finance degree provide an opportunity to the candidate to take admission in higher study courses. The desirable higher educational programs after MBA Finance are as follows: -1.       Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)2.       Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Management3.       Executive MBA4.       Fellow Program in Management (FPM)5.       Management Development Program6.       Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in (Business Management)7.       Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in (Banking Technology)

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