Animals & Wildlife Magazine and Twitter Have Big Week

By Garry Rogers @Garry_Rogers and Twitter Make Their Numbers

Scoopit LogoThanks to all the animal–nature–science fiction lovers who visited my paper and followed my Tweets.  You are so good-looking–just fabulous!


This week, “Nature Conservation & Science Fiction:  #EcoSciFi” passed 1,000 views, and Twitter passed 10,000 followers.

Real People

Spam is unavoidable on Twitter, but I have culled many off-topic fans, and I am confident that most of the 10,000 followers are people with genuine interests animals, nature, science fiction, and writing.  Spam is not yet an issue for my paper.

Thank you! and Twitter Have Big Week
Visit #EcoSciFi and @Garry_Rogers to see if the topics interest you.  I would be delighted to have your participation.



Garry Rogers
Garry Rogers

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