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Sconce De León

By Saratpierce
One thing that I never realized about getting married is that, no matter what types of things and how much you register for, at least one of the following is guaranteed to happen: 
  1. You won't get half as many of the things that you REALLY needed.
  2. You'll get a ton of stuff that you didn't register for at all.
  3. You'll come to find that 20% of what you registered for you don't have much of a use or place for.
  4. You'll get duplicates of certain items by people who decided to get the brand they like rather than the one you specify in your registry.
All of these things happened to Z and I. Don't get me wrong, I am incredibly thankful for all the wonderful gifts we received by friends and family. It's probably these same friends and family who know exactly what I'm talking about from experiencing it themselves!

Here's the thing.Most of the items that were fairly high on our list of "things we REALLY hope we get" were also the higher priced items and the same thing tends to happen with most couples. I don't care how close you are to the bride and groom, and how much extra money you have to blow on whateverthehellyouwant, I don't blame anyone for NOT spending $400 on a stand mixer. That's nuts. That doesn't mean I'm not still aching for one, I'm just sayin'.

Sconce de León


No matter how much you think people are going to go to your registry FIRST before shopping for you, the truth of the matter is, there will always be that handful of folks who know exactly what they are going to get you at the first mention of your nuptials and will never EVER ask where you are registered because, quite frankly, they don't give a rat's behind.  That doesn't mean their gifts won't still be simply splendid, but you can be sure that you won't expect a hearty chunk of what you receive. 
Here's another thing. 
AND another thing...Just because it's pretty and looks great in the fake room display in the magazine filled with other fake room displays, it doesn't mean that YOU actually have the space for it. We registered for more decorative pieces than I can even remember and even after moving from the dungeon into a new house there are still things that have barely seen the light of day because we just don't have a place to put them.Sad fact of life... unless we strike it rich, our home will NEVER look like the make-believe ones in Better Homes and Gardens or any other fancy-pants home decorating magazine. I'm happy to have all these wonderful things but have accepted the fact that we are just going to make things work where we can and the other stuff will find a place later. Take for example, the beloved wall sconce. I'm obsessed with them. I think we ended up getting about 5 different pairs of wall sconces for the wedding and I was thrilled to open each and every one.Thrilled indeed, but they are ALL here now and it's been a little tricky to find a place for them. Especially when you consider that most come in a set of two or more and you want to find some kind of cohesive arrangement. We've done pretty well by placing two are over the mantle and three in the bedroom but two have been sitting underneath our bed since we moved in almost a year ago {yay}. These babies are monster sconces made to look like a bundle of twigs. I say MONSTER because they weigh about as much as Buster and Pigs combined. YEAH... MONSTER.Well good news folks, I've finally taken them out from hiding and up on the wall!I'd scoped the spot out a while ago but because of the sheer weight of these things we needed some heavy-duty nails to keep them secure. I'm only getting them up now because, well,  I've been far too lazy busy to get the supplies until now.TADA...Sconce City!

Sconce de León
Ain't they perty? Ignore my hideoderous accordion shades. They were here when we moved in and quite low on my home "to do" list.

Sconce de León

I promise that ledge isn't dirty, it's just that color :P

I lurve them to pieces and am so happy I finally gave them a home. That staircase has been in need of a little TLC for a while and these should tide me over until I can get around to re-painting the whole thing {it's a beast of a stairwell so we'll see if it ever happens}.
What do you think?
Until next time...
Any Atlantians should have gotten a kick out of my play-on-words-title today, and if you didn't, you need to visit the city a little more. 

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