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School Shooting in America

By Harry @web_pensioner


Yet another mass shooting in America of innocent people, the second shooting in one week. This one is the second worst shooting in America’s history 27 dead and a few injured, but the worst ever mass school shooting.

It took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut.  A total of 20 children the headmaster and other adults, the shooter killed himself, he was named as 20 year old Ryan Lanza.

CBS news is reporting that a body has been found at an address linked to the gunman. It is understood the dead person was his father who was a teacher.  He then went to the school and shot his Mother dead, she was a teacher there. He also shot his brother dead and his other brother was found at the crime scene.

There are reports that he used a .223-caliber rifle.

How many more ? It’s about time America addressed this once and for all, never mind the gun lobby or  Second Amendment Foundation, they are not the one’s who are dying, they are just interested  in selling guns and making their vast profits.

The second amendment was adopted on December 15, 1791, along with the rest of the Bill of Rights. They needed this law back then when America was a lawless country ( the wild west ), but now people are supposed to be civilized there is no need for people to own guns all of all types right up to assault rifles. What person would need one and for what purpose other than to kill.

I hope the President starts repelling the gun law, to stop people owning guns, and also has a 3 month amnesty so that people can hand guns to the police to be destroyed. This means anyone found with a gun  can go to jail and will bring a lot of shootings and gangland trouble to an end.

But i do not hold out any hope for the American people on this matter and there will be many, many more dead children over the years, because it is America’s big business, gun lobby, etc that runs America.


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