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School Diversities in Learning a Foreign Language

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Most of us must have been aware that some elementary and high school institutions compel their students in learning a foreign language. In fact, your own personal school must have had such mandate.

Pikesville High students are no exemption to the rule of learning a language. But the good news is that, if before, students are only compelled to learn one foreign language only, today, they can already choose between two different foreign languages.

According to a post written in HSJ, the mentioned school has “foreign language classes of all levels learning the language and culture” not limited only to Spanish but also on French language as well. Students will not only learn how to greet mornings saying “Hola” but “Bonjour” as well. This is good news for those who are learning a foreign language, especially those specific in Spanish and French.

“It is not advisable for a school to only have one language option. Our department was sub-par,” the foreign language department chair, Ms. Powell, said.

Added by the post, many students who took French all throughout their childhood at schools like Wellwood and Sudbrook were not able to take the more advanced levels of this language in high school since the students can now avail French learning classes. Of course, it gives more options to students who wanted to choose a language prior to Spanish. The language of the Mexicans is not a bad language at all; it’s just that there are other students who prefer other languages, and it is not Spanish.

“A French program is very important for every school to have. French is spoken in as many places, if not more, as Spanish is,” stated Ms. Corasaniti, newly appointed French teacher and a native speaker since 8th grade.

The school implied such mandate to include French since the language is very important especially when someone travels to various European countries. When you go to the American continent, Canada also considers French. Besides, most of the English words are derived from French language, as Ms. Corasaniti added. “Studying a language the English comes from can give students a much better understanding of their own culture.”

See how advantageous it really is to learn foreign languages? No wonder some institutions make it as a mandate. It really becomes a very helpful tool not just to make communication successful, but to make the speaker of that language become successful in his or her future as well.

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