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Schilling’s North Sound Names Is No Longer The Top Registrant of New gTLD’s

Posted on the 23 May 2016 by Worldwide @thedomains

Frank Schilling’s North Sound Names has been the largest registrant of new gTLD domain names for about as long as ntldstats has been tracking registrants.

However North Sound Names has been knocked off from the top spot by West263 company out of China

According to ntldstats, North Sound Names owns has just over 230,000 new gTLD domain names.

“West263 Company” is the registrant of 253,459 new gTLD domain names according to ntldstats.

There are just short of 18 Million new gTLD domain names registered.

Only 6 registrants of the top 40 registrants of new gTLD domain names are from counties outside of China.

Frank Schilling also owns Uniregistry which is a new gTLD registry and most if not all of North Sound Names are registered in Uniregistry extensions.

It is not immediately clear if West263 Company is the same company that owns the domain registrar

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