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Scenic Country Home Made of Flat-Packed Panels

By Dwell @dwell
Oxford House exterior facade

The house, which is located near Oxford, is clad in cedar. Composite timber and aluminum windows maintain the house’s connection with the countryside, as does the generous patio that wraps around two of its sides. 

In the countryside near Oxford, England, Adrian James Architects designed a house that achieves architectural distinction on a tight budget. Built using flat-packed, insulated panels, the home cantilevers over a concrete wall, creating a captivating entrance. Sizeable windows offer a connection with the green expanses outdoors. On the inside, meanwhile, the home allows for open-plan living and, thanks to neat touches like folded steel stairs, provides plenty of architectural intrigue. The result is a house that prides itself on cleverness, not cost. 

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By Linda
posted on 27 October at 08:58
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The composition of the home impressed me.. I have plans of building a home made of glass, and this one is the best guide. The patio is perfectly wrap, I am loving it!