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SCATCAT! Bootleg

By Stfallen @stfallen

Huzni & Sash with Larry T Hill – Simple Man

*imaad majeed – second person lung

Opening Act – Dush & Malin

Film courtesy Yazmin Yousuf

SCATCAT! was my first attempt at organizing a conscious rap gig in Colombo. Charcoal Gallery Cafe was kind enough to lend us the venue and sounds. All proceeds went direct to artists. We had a turnup of 47. Larry T Hill was unable to perform his prepared set due to a technical fault with his equipment. Huzni and I stepped in to freestyle over his beatboxing to help flesh out his handicapped set. I aided Larry with Little Roo and Riding The Highway. Huzni and Sash played a tight hour’s set. Their rendition of Fever was great, as well as the Autism awareness song. Dush & Malin seemed a little shook, choking here and there. Props to them for getting up there for the first time and sticking to originals. This is only the first of a series of gigs that I intend to make happen. Join the movement!

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