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Scar by Bruce Bond

By Pamelascott

Bruce Bond's trilogy of sonnet sequences explores trauma and self-alienation and the power of imaginative life to heal-to reawaken with the past; to better understand its influence, both conscious and unconscious; to gain some measure of clarity, empathy, and freedom as we read the world around us.


The concertina of post-war ghetto begs the question. Who are we deceiving? THE LOST LANGUAGE


(@etruscan_press, 10 November 2020, ebook, 144 pages, #ARC from @edelweiss_squad and voluntarily reviewed)



I'd never heard of the poet before. I chose this collection purely based on the blurb which sounded interesting and I really love the image on the front cover. I made a poor choice. The biggest issue I had with this collection is that the pieces include didn't seem like poetry to me, they were paragraphs of prose and not laid out like you'd expect a poem to be in stanzas and lines. The language is poetic enough and I enjoyed a lot of what I was reading. I just didn't feel like I was reading a poetry collection, more like a collection of long stories. This is a bugbear of mine; a poem should look and read like poems not prose written in poetic language. This put me off a bit and impacted my enjoyment.

Scar Bruce Bond

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