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Scafell Pike the Easy Route to Conquer the Mountain for Yourself

By Davedtc @davedtc
If you've ever wondered how you can climb Scafell Pike in the Lake District the easy way then this route will guide you along the way. You don't have to be fearful of this mighty beast of a mountain. Just look at it like making an acquaintance with a new friend. And by the time you reach the summit, you'll be grinning from ear to ear. Knowing that you made it to the top of England.

Where to park for your route up Scafell Pike

So let's kick off with where you need to park to start your climb up Scafell Pike the easy way and this will show you the route that you'll be taking. So our best advice would be to park at Wasdale Head. This is in the south of the Lake District and the area is simply beautiful as you drive to the village green.

Some of the roads in the Lake District are narrow and a little windy, but it's well worth the drive to Wast Water and your start point for the easy route up Scafell Pike. It's best to get here early especially in the tourist season which starts around March each year. You'll thank us for it later. When we arrived in the middle of summer at 4:30 am we were greeted by dozens of people all the doing the same as us. So early is better in the middle of the season.

Which route is the easy route up Scafell Pike?

So what is the easy route up Scafell Pike in the Lakes? Well, the Wasdale path and then heading up Brown Tongue to the summit. This is also known as the tourist route but it is by far the easiest and possibly the quickest way to the top of England and Scafell Pike.

The beginning of this easy walk up to the top of Scafell Pike starts on the fellside as you follow grazing cows in the summer months to Lingmell Beck. If you're a bit nervous of cows just like we are, then you'll be happy to know they are friendly creatures here and even we managed to get past them without having to turn back.

When you reach Lingmell Beck this is where the steeper incline starts. And it goes on for a little while heading up to Scafell Pike via the easy tourist route. The route takes you up Brown Tongue and it can be hard going for a short while. What is great though is the views that you will have opening up as you look back towards Wast Water. To see the sun rising and glimmering off of the water as you climb is a sight to be marvelled at.

When you get to the top of Brown Tongue there is a small junction where you can carry on heading off to the left which is the easy route up Scafell Pike. Or you can divert to the right here and take a detour from the tourist route. It will still lead to the top of Scafell Pike but this isn't the easy way, so stick left here.

There will be some zig-zagging of paths as you climb higher up towards Scafell Pike summit via the easier tourist route.

The boulder field coming into sight on Scafell Pike

After a little while, you'll begin to see the boulder field of Scafell Pike in front of you. This boulder field covers the whole top of Scafell Pike, so whether you're taking the easy route up or any other, you will have to cross this.

It's vital that you're wearing appropriate footwear as the boulder field is just that. A landscape covered in boulders of all sizes. They can be slippery in both the dry and the wet. And the smaller ones can move and dislodge as you're walking over them. So take your time and be careful here. There is a path that leads through the main part of the boulder field on this easy route up Scafell Pike but it's not to say that you shouldn't still take care here.

As you climb higher the summit of Scafell Pike will being to come into view from your easy route here. If your legs are starting to feel tired by now, then seeing the top in reach will give you all the energy that you need to push through and get to that massive summit at the top.

Views from the top of Scafell Pike

So you've made it to the top. Congratulations. And the final few steps are walking to the top of the huge summit cairn itself. And when you reach the top of the cairn then just stand for a minute or two if the weather permits, and take in the views of all around the Lake District.

Being located in the south of the Lake District, Scafell Pike gets some excellent views as you look all around. And even when you think looking south might be a little lacking in views, you're greeted by the equally feisty mountain of Scafell. The second highest mountain in England and in the Lakes.

It is entirely possible to reach Scafell from Scafell Pike but this isn't an easy route. It will add much more time onto your walk, although the return to Wasdale is possible from adding this mountain on.

But for now, enjoy the views. Looking to the northeast you'll be able to see Helvellyn on a clear day along with the northern fells and beyond.

Just a quick note here too. If the weather is poor when you do climb Scafell Pike via any route including this easy one, then the top of the mountain can get confusing. This is because it is littered with boulders and so there is little point of reference on a misty day. So it's best to always have a map and compass with you at all times, and know how to use them too.

If you would like more safety tips on your journey up Scafell Pike and more general information including more routes then you can find them here at the Scafell Pike information page to help you out.

How long is the easy route up to the top of England expected to take?

So from leaving the car park at Wasdale Head and following the easy route via Brown Tongue. You can expect the time to take you around two hours for a regular fell walker. If you are not used to being in the mountains walking on a regular basis. Then you might find the easy route to the top of Scafell Pike to take you a bit longer.

Time depends entirely on your fitness level. So if you find yourself struggling at any point then stop to catch your breath for a few minutes. Safety and keeping yourself safe while out mountain walking should be your top priority. So don't push yourself more than you know you can. And always go at your own pace.

On a tourist route and an easy one to the top of Scafell Pike. You will cross paths with many others on your walk. But if they're going faster or slower than you then let them be. Don't feel the need to try to catch back up, or slow down because of it. Everyone climbing Scafell Pike and the other mountains in the Lakes are doing so because of their own reasons. So focus on your own and enjoy the journey the way it should be achieved.

The same route back down to Wasdale Head from Scafell Pike

To complete the entire of the easy route up and back down Scafell Pike then it is a matter of retracing your steps. This means retracing the route the whole way back down. To some walkers. This is daunting as they prefer a round route to see more of the Lake District at the same time. But for most this isn't a problem. And so with this easy tourist route, you take the same route down as you did coming up.

This is what makes it so easy because the paths are mostly clear the whole way and it's very rare that you will be alone on your climb too. But this isn't to say that you shouldn't have the right knowledge when out on the fells walking. So make sure that you're prepared and again safety first.

By the time you reach the car at the end of the easy route up and back down Scafell Pike. You'll be grinning from ear to ear from your achievement. And so you should be. It's a mean feat to take on. But it's a rewarding one too. So make it a little easier on yourself. Do this by following this easy route up to Scafell Pike.

Then you've got a little more time in the day to take in those views. Enjoy being out in the heart of the Lake District, as it should be.

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