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Sayonara to Summer

By Kate_miller

Sayonara to Summer

Wild 4 O'Clocks

Brrr... chilly last night... donned a jacket to stay warm as I was lounging on the porch, saying sayonara to summer. 
It being Labor Day weekend, summer is technically over, though this cowgirl has her fingers crossed for a long, leisurely Indian Summer.

Sayonara to Summer

It's Sedum's time to shine.

No grand wishes for the season to end. Simply delighted to say good-bye to summer chores ~ I've run out of steam.
Autumn could be my favorite season, were it not for the fact that it's a precursor to winter. When blossoms grow weary, horseback riding is winding down... And, this ex-skier, who still lives in a ski resort, starts fretting over how to keep busy. 

Sayonara to Summer

The last of the late-blooming Phlox.

Two months from now, when the cold winds blow, I'll wonder why I ever had the nerve to complain...
I whined, throughout June, when the rainy weather refused to cooperate. 
In July, I threw a fit about how the weeds are the busiest bloomers in my ill-kept garden beds. (Must be the rains. Couldn't possibly be my fault!)
After that, a major bitch session that August is simply too hot to handle. 

Sayonara to Summer

One little straggler: Knautia

My oldest and dearest friend came for a visit last week. And, whaddyaknow, I whined about that, too. Why didn't she come 2 weeks ago when the flowers were perfect? 
(Is it just me? Or do flowers always put on the prettiest show when I'm the only one here to see it. :) 

Sayonara to Summer

Worn out Coneflowers

In spite of it being the busiest summer on record, 'twas a season filled with great days in the garden. Adventures galore, with my beloved horses. Memorable months with friends old and new.
Here's hoping y'all have a lovely, lazy, non-laborious Labor Day.

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