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Saying Yes...and No

By Blondie @heyblondieblog
Are you a "yes" person?
  1. Do you agree to help with this party, that fundraiser, those school functions even if you have a busy schedule? You do not take on these tasks to make yourself feel/look important or to be a people pleaser but rather b/c you are good at helping and coordinating things and really enjoy doing it. Does this ever fill up your already cram-packed calendar?
  2. Do you accept help when it is offered by a friend or even a total stranger? When your schedule is cram-packed and you are offered a sitter do you jump on it?
  3. Do you say yes at work for another project or to a deadline when you know you are going to be super stressed to meet that goal?
Are you a "no" person?
  1. Do you decline help from a friend or total stranger b/c you do not want to inconvenience them?
  2. Do you say no to your kids too often to something fun they have asked to do b/c the house needs to be cleaned or dishes washed? (my daughter has been really working on me with this one recently)
I want to know how to strike a better balance with all of the craziness that comes with our family/work schedule. With two work-outside-the-home-fulltime parents and 2 kiddos who go ninety to nothing from dawn to way after dusk; we stay busy. Dagwood and I both stay very busy with work. Dagwood has not worked a weekend in a while which we are thankful for but he goes through seasons where he works every weekend or at least every other. For myself, being the business manager for three restaurants is a lot of work and I am constantly trying to find a better way to organize and balance all that I am responsible for.
Do you delegate? I think that is part of this as well. A lot of times I do it myself b/c I know how it needs to be done. Not that I don't trust someone else to do it (okay, maybe that is sometimes the reason) but it is easier to just go ahead and handle it and then I don't have to explain everything and follow-up to make sure it was done.
I want to say no more often when it might eat into my family time and say yes more often when someone offers help. Instead of assuming it would be a burden on them; assume that they have offered out of love and I should let them be the hands and feet of Jesus. I also want to say yes to more delegating or handing off of certain tasks. I really don't have to try and do it all myself.
How do you handle the stress and over-booked schedules?
I am looking forward to no gymnastics during the summer for one thing! And more outdoor projects and playing!

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