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Say What? ..tutorial

By Kinderpendent
say what? ..tutorial
Here's an idea for an easy handmade baby gift that is both original & creative!
Would you like to make one? Here's how:
materials needed: freezer paper, craft knife, fabric paint, paint brush, onesie or tee, iron
1. Cut a piece of freezer paper to fit the design you want on your piece of clothing.
2. Use a pencil to draw your design on the freezer paper (non-shiny side).
3. Use a craft knife to carefully cut out your design.
4. Iron the freezer paper onto the clothing (shiny side down)
5. Paint!
6. Let dry for a few minutes, then remove the freezer paper.
7. After it's completely dry, to prevent the design from peeling off, be sure to iron it (with a piece of fabric on top).
say what? ..tutorial
say what? ..tutorial

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