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Say Goodbye to Your Guilty Pleasures

By Superinspire @nenadciric

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About six months ago I paid my last visit to Mr McDonald. Being vegetarian this fast food chain doesn’t really meet my requirements, but when your fridge is empty and all the stores are closed, french fries and salad are all you can get, at least in the part of the city I live in. I was never a fan of fast food anyway, but that visit to McDonald’s in the middle of the night was certainly the last one. Chaotic atmopshere and the smell of burgers is not my favorite combination.

But a much better motivation for ditching McD’s and other American fast food franchises is the fact that this decision will bring you one step closer to sugar free life. By now everybody knows that McD’s famous bread, used for burgers, contains also  sugar, just like milkshakes, cola and other obvious sources of saccharose. Even their french fries are briefly dipped in a sugar solution before frying, which gives them that distinctive golden-brown color. Add to that their plastic dry salad and all is clear. If you need some extra persuasion, check out the famous documentary “Super Size Me” or read this interesting study.

There are so many good alternatives, even healthy “fast food” restaurants, that saying goodbye to deep fried food is quite easy. That way you can explore your guilt free pleasures as much as you like. Have fun!

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