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Savvy DIY Cable Organization

By Savvybrown @savvybrownblog

In my continuing quest to organize stuff in our home, I had pushed cable organization to the top of the list. Both my husband and I have a couple of laptops, not mention various video game systems each with its own set of cables. I was tired of not being able to find the correct cable when I needed it, or resorting to a dusty game of twister when something blew behind the TV and spending an hour trying to find the right cord, before I could troubleshoot the problem. These ideas helped us, and maybe they’ll help you too!

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Cables Under the Desk – You know those little plastic thingys that keep the bread bag closed? Well they make EXCELLENT cable holders/labelers! Put one near the outlet and another up near the top of the cord at the back of your monitor, computer, drive, cable box, video game…whatever. This negates the need to play cable roulette whenever you have to move a drive or find out why the XBox isn’t working.

cable management, savvy brown, diy, home organization, home office

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Cables On the desk – I use binder clips for everything as you can see from [this post]. But they’re really come in handy when I’m trying to organize the cables up on my desk. Just clip one to the back or side of your desk and snake your USB, fire-wire or even your phone charger cable right through it. That way it’s always within reach, and you can avoid c”able yoga”" trying to reach around and under the desk plugging things in.

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Cable Storage – I’ve been using empty single toilet paper rolls for awhile now to hold the cable for the iron, the hairdryer and the toaster. But I never thought of collecting a few for multiple cord management! Take multiple empty toilet paper rolls, (or cut a few paper towel rolls into thirds), and fit into a shallow box. Like a shoebox. Fold up each cable and push through the rolls, label each roll accordingly and place in the box. We currently have an ugly wall hanger full of a spaghetti full of cables for all kinds of things. I might get another box just to hold all the game controllers. I can’t wait to try this!

  • What are some your cheap/handy cable storage ideas?

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