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…save Your Lifelines

By Zer @the2women
…save your lifelines

...some chords are OK to cut...metaphorically speaking...please don't electrocute yourselves.

Smartphones have been getting a lot of good press lately.  What with hurricanes and earthquakes and history altering rebellions using them for good.

Storm warnings, emergency procedures, and communication loopholes in totalitarian regimes have all benefited from this handy little device, for the betterment of humanity.

Even this skeptic (and begrudgingly humbled smartphone owner)  has to admit there might be some truly beneficial aspects to the little demon droids (…yes, the ones you are looking for, that includes you iPhones).

Having said that…You!  Yes, you!  The one meandering down the sidewalk taking in the enchanting beauty of the graphics on your phone.  I think it’s safe to assume that you are not checking up on some sort of life-saving procedure.

I see no treacherous surroundings which you are alerting others of via text message.

Unless of course you’re posting about the chaos and carnage behind you as your fellow pedestrians attempt to avoid your unawares, unpredictable, and otherwise wandering path of destruction.

I know you are not alone, you have friends on the escalator, train platform, front of the line, and (my favorite) stationary in the middle of a crowded sidewalk (you are so close to doing the right thing buddy…so close).

Have we learned nothing from the lady in the fountain?  It’s available via your YouTube app, so there’s really no excuse.  Unless you wandered sideways into a moving bus while attempting to watch it (true story, don’t worry she was fine).

So while millions of lives may be saved by the capabilities of these tiny little beacons of hope for the future, that does not excuse you from using common sense or your eyes.

Take a moment, put the phone away, and enjoy your surroundings.  Who knows, that extra battery life may come in handy later, during a real emergency, like rush-hour on the CTA.


“Smartphones, Tablets can be a Port in the Storm”: MSNBC

“A Wireless System for when Disasters Hit”: MSNBC

…bi-daily smile…

…best enjoyed while seated:

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