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Savannah Saturdays-Crystal Beer Parlor

By Shawndrarussell

I have talked about this little gem briefly before, but it deserves it's own blog post. We absolutely love this place because it has a fun ambience, old-timey red vinyl booths and 'artifacts" like real old photographs and beer paraphernalia from the 20's and 30's (plus the Prohibition when they were a speakeasy), and a wonderful, always friendly staff and owner that can sometimes be harder to find in Savannah than you would think (with our supposed Southern charm and all). They have pint night Tuesdays where you order their beer of the month from a craft brewery and get to keep the glass (with a rotating tap of at least 10 and tons of unique bottles), and they also have great food. An added bonus? They have beers called "Beers of our Fathers" that include Schlitz, Mickey's, or Dixie--the only place in town with the connections to have this menu of oldies but goodies (I like the Dixie myself). I'll quit rambling and let you read the article I wrote about them for Suite101:
Good Ol' Fashioned Fun: Crystal Beer Parlor

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