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Saturday Art Saves: Swarm... Leslie Oschmann

By Coreyamaro

Swarm handbags

Photo via Leslie Oschmann from Swarm. 

Each Saturday I focus on a different artist that I admire.

From potters to painters, chefs to collectors, seamstress to songwriters, lifestyle to lovers... anyone who set the paintbrush, pastry brush, hands and heart on fire to create.

Those who inspire art to flow where it may.

Swarm handbags by Leslie

Photo Via Swarm

Swarm's Handbags created by Leslie Oschmann each handbag is inspired with vintage oil paintings making each handbag unique, a one of a kind piece of art. Leslie lines them with fabric and uses old leater straps for handles.

I want one!

Swarm's statement

Above two photos via Swarm, Leslie Oschmann


Swarm chair art, by Leslie photo by Pia

Photo via Leslie Oschmann from Swarm.

Courtesy of Pia Jane Bijkerk blog

Leslie writes how her creativity began:

Bio swarm leslie

Bio swarm

Photo via Leslie Oschmann from Swarm.

Leslie sitting next to her functional art.

Leslie's friend wrote,

"Leslie’s work consists of reinventing and manipulating found objects. One of her recent series was “oil paintings on chairs” – a collection of old chairs made new by covering them in vintage oil paintings. Her juxtapositions are stunning, the effect: spectacular, and her chairs have not only featured in magazines around the world but were bought by renown retailers Anthropologie." Text Via Pia Jane Bijkerk

Swarm by Leslie Oschmann

Photo via Leslie Oschmann from Swarm.

Swarm leslie's chairs

Photo via

Swarm pillows leslie

Photo via My Friend's House

Pillows creation from Swarm

 "Leslie Oschmann, moved from the US to Holland after eight years as Anthropologie’s Visual Director. There she began collecting paintings, tapestry and art in markets, upcycling and adapting them into furniture, bags and slightly altered art, under the company name Swarm."

via My Friend's House

Swarm necklace art

Photo via Pia Jane Bijkerk

Art Creations by Leslie Oschmann


"Each necklace tells its own story through the unique combination of time worn oil paintings exhibited on thick timber discs. Linked by natural cord, each disc can be turned to display a different part of a painting, allowing the wearer to create a multitude of variations that reflect their outfit du jour and current state of mind. Click here for more info and more images." Text via Pia jane Bijkerk.

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