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Saturday Art Saves: 8 Designs in One Minute

By Coreyamaro



8 designs in one minute

 Source Pierre Lota

Each Saturday I focus on a different artist that I admire.

From potters to painters, chefs to collectors, seamstress to songwriters, lifestyle to lovers... anyone who set the paintbrush, pastry brush, hands and heart on fire to create.

Those who inspire art to flow where it may.



8 design projects done in a minute.

Well sort of.

But Pierre Lota's ideas are there.

Which stir other ideas waiting to arise within, isn't it funny how how ideas, feelings, the inner being can pop up and become real in less than a minute or a blink of an eye?


Why does drilling a hole, to hang a picture in a stone wall with French Husband take one hour? Pierre Lota, come to our house and whip your one minute projects into place.


Anyway... Happy Create Something Whenever Moment 


For more about Pierre Lota follow this link:

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