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Sarah Fimm- Near Infinite Possibility

Posted on the 23 July 2011 by Ripplemusic
 Near Infinite Possibility
It is July 19th 1848. First women's rights convention. What do women want? The right to choose, the right to vote, equal opportunity! These conventions and arguments continued on for what seemed like forever (well, they are still going on so it is forever..). Whilst most women are just pleased they get a say in things, they have made important changes, even in the world of music.
Without their revolutions against tradition amazing artists like Sarah Fimm would be at home baking bikkies and cakes for their offspring instead of rocking out my eardrums.
I say all of this because the numbers of female artists I get sent are significantly less than the males ones. When I do get a female artist they are singing sweet pop or gentle acoustics, I have nothing against this, as you may have read in my other reviews, but just imagine my glee when I hit play on Near Infinite Possibility and I am rewarded with some very cool rock.
More importantly Sarah Fimm isn't pumping out stock standard female leading rock, the music on  Near Infinite Possibility is varied with clear pop and alternative influences. Yes, you get the faster paced electric guitar, drum dominated songs like “Soul Let Swim” and “Closer” but you get a break in the rocking out with a highlight on the thirteen song album being “Sing.”
“Sing” is the main acoustic song and outstanding. With gorgeous lyrics like-
Let me begin
Make everything a story
Just sing
And a voice may come in
not forgotten and lonely
It is a welcome change of sound at the ninth song. The acoustics are clean and the matching vocals make it one of the best on Near Infinite Possibility.
Jumping back in the time line on the album is “Disappear.” Starting acoustic, then jumping into climaxing electrics it is dynamic, making it brilliant to listen to.
“I still hope the sun will come in
I still hope the sun will come in
Disappear trust
Can I know it enough
Do you hold it in your hand
The memory of you”
If we keep moving backwards we can start right back at the beginning of the album. “Soul Let Swim.” This song shows the strength of Fimm's vocals, and how vocally talented she is. In addition to the stellar vocals there are clever lyrics. I don't know who did the guitar work, but that too is amazing.
“There is no judgment waiting
Only arms that reach in the night
No sense anticipating
Your secret eye
You look out
But you see in
Come out somehow
Soul let swim”
“Soul Let Swim” has the attention grabbing fast-slow-fast pace going on, a style that is continued throughout the album.
Finishing on a strong note is “Morning Time.”
“Tear me apart if it makes you feel better
Born to die high birds of a feather
I know a piece of something wise
All comes apart but is always together
Silent not to slip away
It does no good to turn away
Come in close to the mirror's eye
Reap the stark face of morning time”
Near Infinite Possibility is strong. The fast-slow-fast rhythm of the individual songs, and the entire album jolt the listener into paying attention and listening to the lyrics and not just the music. It is a good thing she does this are the lyrics should be listened to, being deep, thought provoking and enjoyable.
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