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Santorini in Greece for All

By Santorini Greece @Santorini2014

==Santorini the jewel of Greece==Of all the Greek islands scattered in the Aegean sea, there are two that stand out for their traditional character and their luxury hotels.The first is the mysterious island of Santorini and the other is the Mykonos!Two beautiful and distinctive islands in Greece which receive millions of visitors annually from around the world and from different countries.In recent years there is an increase in visitors from Asia, who choose to stay in hotels overlooking the Sea and the beautiful caldera of Santorini.The "Caldera" at Santorini which is a large volcanic sea crater, formed by a great eruption leading to the collapse of the mouth of the Santorini's volcano, has formed the last geological shape of the island and all the photographers or the tourists make pictures with background the black big volcano!The island can be reached by plane or boat (Ship, Ferry) and here I want to point out that the summer flights from Athens to Santorini is very common the summer months from May to September for the island of Santorini.
When you find yourself on the island of Santorini in August will find the most visitors, and I recommend that you rent a car or a scooter (Quad bike) because local transport (local buses) is difficult for you to take.As for your food, you can choose a restaurant in the island's capital Fira, and Taste great local delicacies and white or red wine tha will relax you.The beaches of Santorini are great and visit them when the Greek sun is Hot.Ask a local or a tourist agency that you go to the beach and they will fully inform you.Perissa and Perivolos or Kamari are the most famed beaches in Santorini.On the island find two or three museums but the biggest is the archaeological site of Akrotiri and you will love this place with unique ancient wall paintings and ancient houses made by the first inhabitants of the island, thousands of years ago, that testify how old is the culture of Greece.However if you visit Greece and go through the beautiful island of Santorini, I guarantee you that you will want to go back at least once.
"and remember the unique pictures of the sunset"
Santorini island

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