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Sandwiched Boomers: Gift of Health

By Sandwichedboomers @SandwichBoomers
Americans are busy spending billions of dollars on gift cards this holiday season. With the holidays now right around the corner, is your stress level stuck on high? If so, a medical gift card, which some credit card companies and health care providers issue, may be exactly what the doctor ordered.Sandwiched Boomers: Gift of Health
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The targeted audience for these cards is members of the Sandwich Generation. They're the ones buying presents for parents who have increasing health needs. They're also looking to gift their kidults, who are concerned about fitness and in college or living on their own. This gift can be used toward a variety of health related services – prescription co-pays, medical or dental visits, contact lenses, even some wellness programs, elective surgery and gym memberships.
We know you're trying to maintain a life in balance while still honoring the complexity of the holiday season. Try to figure out what means the most to you. Then decide to focus on what you want to do, not on what you have to do. Let this time of year be a major step toward taking care of your own needs. As you begin to lay the groundwork for change in your gift giving rituals, treat yourself to better health by keeping your stress in check. Log on here tomorrow - we'll have some tips about taking care of you during the holidays.
We wish a Happy Hanukah to all our family and friends!

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