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Sanders Trails Clinton Badly In New California Poll

Posted on the 25 May 2016 by Jobsanger
Sanders Trails Clinton Badly In New California Poll
The chart above represents the results of a new KABC / SurveyUSA Poll -- done May 19th through 22nd of a random sample of 1,598 registered voters in California.
I really think Hillary Clinton will clinch the nomination in New Jersey on June 7th, before the polls close in California that day. But Bernie Sanders has been promising his supporters a win in California -- a win so big it will convince super delegates to support him at the national convention.
I seriously doubt a California win would change the support for Clinton of any super delegate, but it now looks like Sanders won't be winning California anyway. The chart above shows Clinton currently has a huge 18 point lead over Sanders in that state (57% to 39%).
While New Jersey will put Clinton over the top in delegate votes, California will pad her margin by several hundred delegates. This race is over.

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