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Samsung Too Hungry? Good For the World

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters
Quest for innovations and technological advancements is a clear-cut measure of any organization. When it comes to one of the top brands of India doing it in a unique manner in the medical arena it means a lot. That is where the smartphone top selling company Samsung India does not halt on their laurels and keep achieving more. That is a good area where even there is a never ending hunger it is good for the world. One thing is for sure that technology has no boundaries and limitations. The limitation of its power is directly proportional to the thought process, innovation and execution. The more is there in the latter, the higher is the former.
There are two ideologies that work when innovations are done in this field. One, to look at the precious time of doctors and finding out the ways to optimize it to the best possible value. Definitely, this can't happen without the help of technology. And two, the life of a patient is most precious beyond anything else. So any measures taken in that direction are to be welcomed in a big way. The new RS80A a premium class ultrasound imaging system launched by Samsung a couple of days ago comes along with a state-of-the-art diagnostic package 'Prestige' designed exclusively for the radiology department.
Samsung Too Hungry? Good For the World
The first launch worldwide for RS80A with Prestige was in June this year in Korea and has been welcomed with open arms in the medical arena. The demonstration of the product was well applauded in March this year at the European Congress for Radiology in Vienna with the main functions and clinical values of the product. The same was again talk of the show in Korea at the International Medical and Hospital Equipment show in Seol. This is not the end, though. The product is going to be replicated in most of the countries, worldwide, soon. 
Samsung Too Hungry? Good For the World
Samsung has used a new advanced 3D technology named Natural Vue providing real-time realistic internal body images thus giving a better and clearer provision to radiologists and doctors for diagnosis and treatment. With the help of this 3D/4D reflection mode technology, the images produced do not leave any chance to highlight minute protrusions. These protrusions are not possible in any basic or normally used diagnostic equipment. The Aerial Analysis which helps in earliest possible detection of cardiovascular diseases achieves it with the execution of both morphological and functional analysis of the organ. 
Samsung Too Hungry? Good For the World
S-Shearwave is another salient feature developed by Samsung that is an alternative to biopsy. The technique developed provides the actual measurement of the stiffness of the affected area by producing shear wave around the region. S-Fusion is another strong functionality built in RS80A with Prestige that has provided a new level of technological advancement and precision in diagnostics. It compares various body parts undergoing diagnosis by simultaneously imaging and analysis so as to fasten the process without compromising accuracy.
Samsung Too Hungry? Good For the World
The tablets and other devices in use work without sim using advanced RF technology. Be it patient, doctor, paramedical or medical staff; everyone in this model and framework will be well equipment with the devices and training so as to get the best out of the technology. This is just a new journey by Samsung in the medical arena enhancing the technology and innovation. There is a lot more that has been done already by them that is not mentioned above. And, of course, a lot more to come...
It proves Samsung is Samsung too hungry to explore new heights in Technology, Mobility, And Innovation, That is always Good for the World!

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