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Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 deals-Budget Segment Just Got More Tempting

Posted on the 12 December 2012 by Darren James @m_phonesdeals

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 deals-Budget segment just got more tempting

samsung galaxy ace 2

A budget buy, this smartphone is the best option at the bottom of the phone market.  Not every buyer desires to shell out a fortune on a high-end smartphone, & Samsung and several other mobile phone makers understand this fact. Only Apple seems to be ignorant of this factuality. But, these budget options ask for some compromises as well. The Galaxy Ace 2 sits comfortably at the middle of the smartphone market; it’s available cheap on contracts and gives almost every essential thing you need from your handset.
The handset is a tad less costly than the expensive Galaxy S Advance, but in the course loses the majestic AMOELD display as well. But, at this price point we don’t expect cutting-edge specs either. Anyway, it possesses an 800MHz dual-core central processing unit & a 5 MP rear-viewing snapper with an LED flash. Although it isn’t the super AMOLED, the viewing experience is somewhat appropriate.
The UI possess smooth animations and well-rendered icons. As in any Android phone, messaging & apps icons are present at the base of the touchscreen, and below those are 3 physical keys: Back, Menu & Home. The smooth & responsive UI, on a smartphone at this cost, actually grants the Galaxy Ace 2 a premium feel. Also, the integrated snapper does a decent job.  It also possesses flash, a plethora of different shooting modes like panorama, smile shot and geo-tagging. The UI is responsive & slick. The forward-viewing snapper is perfect for Facebook snaps &video messaging, but don’t expect anything more from it.
If you like to keep Android in your life, then go for Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 deals. You won’t regret it. Also, remember that online market is the best place to get these deals.  So don’t think much, get online and begin your search for Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 deals now!

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