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Samsung Develops Next Generation Battery That Can Charge Your Phone in Just Minutes

By Sandy16

What you have heard is perfect. In coming days you will see a phone battery that charges in just minutes. Samsung is planning to bring its new smartphone with the next generation of battery that charges your phone completely in 5 minutes.

Samsung newsroom officially stated that it has developed “graphene ball”, the technology that enables 45% increase in battery capacity and also five times speedy charging than the usual lithium-ion batteries. We have seen the phones that took hours together to get charged completely and also with lesser battery capacity.

Now with the next generation of battery, we will experience the battery that gets charged fully in just a few minutes with increased battery capacity. The graphene ball technology was developed at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology. This technology can also be used in the electric vehicles to charge quickly.

Samsung develops next generation battery that can charge your phone in just minutes

In the part of the research, Samsung found that graphene enhanced the battery capacity and decreased the charged time. It also found that this battery technology can maintain high stable 60 degree Celsius temperature.

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At present, the phones with updated technology(fast charging) can charge about 60% in just 30 minutes. With the latest technology, it can charge the battery more rapidly.

If all the things work well we can experience in 2018. Samsung may launch the new smartphone in 2018 by introducing the latest generation battery that charges your phone in quick time than the usual time.

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