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Sam Trammell Talks True Blood Season 6 and ‘Crazy Kind of Love’

Posted on the 26 June 2013 by Tbfansource @tbfansource

Crazy Kind of LoveThe stars of HBO‘s True Blood certainly have a number of projects going on the side and Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte) is no exception.  Trammell’s new movie ‘Crazy Kind of Love‘ is currently on video on demand and Entertainment Tonight spoke to him about his role in the movie, what we can expect in this season of True Blood and why this season has him so much more excited than the past couple of seasons.

First up Sam was asked about ‘Crazy Kind of Love’, which focuses on a dysfunctional family and how their future is changed when two outsiders come into their lives.  The movie also stars Virgina Madsen, Eva Longoria and Anthony LaPaglia and Trammell plays Jeff, a marijuana dealing landscaper.  When asked what attracted him to the movie, Trammell responded that he really liked the story line but also after all the heavy life and death stuff on True Blood every year, it is nice to have a more upbeat, less dramatic role.  He says his character is a drug dealer with a certain set of morals, who instead of taking a kid’s money for his pot, hires the kid instead.  He also reveals that he was really excited to work with Virgina Madsen.

When asked if he tries to take roles that are the complete opposite of Sam Merlotte, Trammell says that his main concerns are “good people to work with, a good script and a director who will make something good”.  That being said, he points out that most actors like to try a variety of roles and he says that he would like to do a comedy next since it has been a while since he’s been in one.

Being on a show that is as popular as True Blood definitely has its perks and Trammell says he definitely had no idea what he was signing on for when he joined the cast.  He says when series creator Alan Ball explained to him that Sam Merlotte was also a shapeshifter, his initial thought was oh cool.  He didn’t think about the reality of shifting into an animal and how much nudity was going to be involved.  He jokes that it certainly motivates you to stay in shape but that as the years go by that gets harder and harder.

So in the first episode of Season 6 Sam lost Luna, in the second episode he lost Emma – what on earth is left to make Trammell so excited about this season?

The thing that’s great with the shapeshifters being outed is it allows us to talk about how you deal with that opportunity and how you decide whether or not to out yourself. We look at what it means, politically and socially, for yourself and the species. It gets so complicated with the werewolves and these activists. That’s all so exciting. Plus, there are some major twists that happen this year with Sam. This show does a great job of, in a way, reinventing the world every year because we have new villains, new creatures, new characters and new co-stars. It’s always different every year. It’s not like we’re in the same office all the time. I’m not even in the bar that much this year. That keeps it fresh for us, as actors. I’m digging this year more than I’ve dug the last few years. I love the vampire story this year so much. I can’t wait for fans to see what’s coming.

To read the entire interview with Sam Trammell click here.  Be sure to check out ‘Crazy Kind of Love’ on demand and let us know in the comment section what you thought once you’ve seen it!

Source:  ETOnline.com – Sam Trammell Goes ‘Crazy’ For New Film

Image Credit:  Vision Films

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