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Salman Khan and Me

By Aliasgarmukhtiar
          Years back when I was in school , I had this body building fascination seeing the Rocky series and Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger flex his biceps in every movie he starred in.           I was very thin and lanky, like a stick , i think sticks were thicker then. I started buying protein shake and similar stuff and a bull worker after convincing my dad to allow me to buy it but alas the results never showed. Still Thin..........         Then by the time i was in mid college I met an instructor who gave me a magic potion to gain weight . All you people out there who want to put on weight , make a note. Two raw eggs, some sugar or honey , milk and a  banana , just mix it and gulp it in one shot and then go gyming. Desperate i gave it a shot and yes the magic showed, my biceps grew to 21 and the gym we used to go , my close friend and me we  were some what the stars. Ha ha.             Now for the twist in the story , I got engaged. Now my marriage was arranged cum love, so we had a engagement period of 2 years where every evening I used to excuse myself from my dad shop and tell him I am going to the gym but I used to go to meet my finance and go for a walk with her and talk sweet nothings. Slowly  the gym went , my gym partner went and finally the biceps went.
       Now today I see Salman Khan , a perfect body . I feel if I would have done my gyming religiously I could have had a similar physique like him, my thinking.         So if he decides to in the comfort of his room showing off their torsos with bunch of friends, it OK by me , just wondering if i also would have been his friend and i would had to also pose along with them , i would be hiding behind someone because among that lot i would have been the odd one and maybe there would have been a contest too, spot the odd one out. Then if the picture gets leaked , it would have irked me too.         Anyway its a price to pay for stardom , Salman Khan. I understand your anger. Salman Khan and Me Picture copied from Google. 

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