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Sales Manager: 20 Questions to Ask Your Reps!

Posted on the 06 October 2011 by Billcookonline @billcookonline

Prior to my last sales training meeting, I gave the following self-assessment to each of the reps.  I wanted to know what their training needs were so that I could focus our time on the most important areas.  So, I asked them to rate themselves in each area below.  The pooled results were illuminating and very helpful in pinpointing our weakest areas.  If you are a sales manager or trainer I encourage you to try this:

Sales Training Self Assessment

Rate yourself on the following questions by writing a number between 1 and 10 after each one. A 10 is the highest score, indicating that you are really strong in that area, or that you strongly agree with the question.

Sales Planning and Organization

1.  I am comfortable creating a territory business plan
2.  I currently work my plan and revise it periodically
3.  I know how to organize my time and resources to maximize selling time
4.  I am able to make the required number of calls to be successful

Sales Skills

1.  I understand our company’s sales process
2.  I know how to move a customer through our process
3.  I have a methodology that I use to be successful in sales
4.  I know how to handle objections and have a process for handling them
5.  I know how to listen well and to ask good questions
6.  I know when to close, and never forget to do so

Sales Knowledge

1.  I know our products and services, and can speak fluently about them
2.  I know the customers we serve and the needs they have that we meet
3.  I know the marketplace in my territory and generally
4.  I know our company well and our unique value proposition
5.  I know the competition in my area as well as related partners

Sales Attitude

1.  I really enjoy what I do and am generally very enthusiastic
2.  I get along with my peers and coworkers
3.  I like my company and strongly believe in what we do
4.  I enjoy the challenge of growing the business in my territory
5.  I handle the inevitable service issues in a positive manner

Bonus Question

My sales results are consistent with the scores I gave myself above

Let me know how this helps your team!  Bill

Bill Cook

Vice President, Sales

BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy



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