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Sakr Talks About New Single ‘Home Again’ And More

Posted on the 11 October 2018 by Entertainmentjolt @Entertain_Jolt

It’s not easy finding your voice in the music industry but somehow Sakr was able to do just that.

Sakr Talks About New Single ‘Home Again’ And MoreThe best thing about a talented person is that they most likely won’t take any of their success for granted.  I say that because most people either worked on the bottom up (which this also lets them craft the talent) or they have lost a job.  Saker has worked his way in this music industry and has worked with extremely talented people like Sarah Aarons (Dua Lipa, Zedd), Alex Hope (Troye Sivan, Tove Lo) and Justin Tranter (Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez).

Sakr has just released his single, Home Again, and I have a feeling it’s going to be a huge hit.  We were able to sit down with him and talk music.

Please tell our readers the message that your newest single Home Again is.

Home Again projects my surrendering and understanding to the part of me that falls into loneliness. It sounds sad, but the song carries hope… Everyone at one point or another feels lonely… accepting that place and letting it breathe can be a good thing. Sometimes the answers I’m looking for lay in the stillness of the quiet.

You’re working on new music. Can you tell us who you’re working with?

Sakr up until about a month ago was a very insular project. I was very uneasy about the thought of other people’s sonic colours into it. But recently I worked with the crew from Basecamp and Body img. They have amazing ears and view the world in a unique way and like to project it through sonics which is something Sakr is about.

Have the people you’ve been working with told your any secrets about the business that you’ve kept with you?

No. I feel everyone I’ve worked with is like. “Fuck, I hope I have a job tomorrow” no matter who they are.

Can you tell us about the sound the new music has?

The idea behind Sakr is to make musical artworks of my perception of the universe, I feel like each song I make has a different sound.

Sakr Talks About Single ‘Home Again’ More

Is there a target release date for the new music?

Next year!!

What sets your music apart from everyone else’s?

Authenticity, Everyone has a unique voice… everyone perceives the world in their own beautiful way… but I feel like we have become scared to show that perception because we’re living in such a judgemental time. And I feel like a lot of art is being made to cater to the masses.

What artist do you look up to and why?

Burial: Emotions, I believe burial.

James Blake: I never know what to expect but it always sounds honest. Also, James Blake made the song that changed my life. {}{}{}{}

Arctic Monkeys: lyrics, lyrics, lyrics.

Will you be playing any shows soon?

Yes!! High on my to do list!!

What is the best way for people to keep up on the latest news for you?

Instagram: @officialsakr and Facebook: @officialsakr

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