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Safot Disappoints Me

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The latest complaints by the administration of the Safot vTarbuyot school disappoint me. They are nitpicking and cannot seem to move on.
The courts ruled that the mayor had the right to move the Mishkenot Daas school into the empty part of the building (with conditions and qualifications), but Safot can't seem to come to terms with that.
The latest complaint was that the City removed the dividing wall that was outside in the courtyard, but the inside wall had not been removed.
The City responded that they had already discussed it and coordinated with the school administration a time to remove the inside wall.
The City then removed the inside wall.
Then Safot complained that the Mishkenot school put an ad hoc divider up, using tables and chairs.
Personally,. I dont see what the big deal is. Why can't, or why shouldn't there be a [temporary] divider between the schools. Do the kids have to mingle? Do kids from other schools mingle with kids from other schools during school hours? It might not be a bad thing, but is it really such a big deal or is it really so important to insist on leaving it open? It makes more sense to me to close it off, but even if it must be open, why fight about such a minor detail?
Considering how much we have all heard of the Safot school, their education towards excellence, their gifted program, their high level, I am surprised they are so busy acting like little children (little children in a normal school, I might add, rather than children in a gifted school)
Safot disappoints me
Safot disappoints me
dangerous? perhaps. this is something that easily could have been worked out without going to the press or to issuing complaints and threats.
It is time to grow up.
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