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Safety Seat Check-points This Weekend!

By Newsanchormom

Safety Seat Check-points this weekend!
AAA and IDOT are holding safety seat checkpoints at 82 locations throughout the state as part of National Child Passenger Safety Week.
Don't turn your child's car seat around until he/she is too tall or weighs too much for the seat. That's the newest recommendation. It is no longer one year old and 20 pounds. My little guy just turned two and I haven't changed his seat around. I thought it was going to be a big deal to keep him rear facing, but it has actually been nice. The seat still reclines. So when he falls asleep, his head doesn't flop around. And I just reclined the seat in the van so his big ol' feet aren't scrunched(he almost wears the same size shoe as my four-year-old.)
Most car seats are not installed correctly. It's a great idea to have someone who is trained take a look at yours. Again, there are 82 free checks this Saturday in Illinois. To find seat check locations throughout the state, visit
-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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