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Sacred Gate - When Eternity Ends

Posted on the 25 July 2012 by Ripplemusic
Sacred Gate - When Eternity Ends
Where do these killer power metal bands keep coming from? Sacred Gate is a hidden gem. I’m listening to this and thinking about just driving somewhere far away in the summer night, windows down, this cd cranked to my speakers breaking point. Sounds like summer metal to me. You know the band that you associate with your summer festivities. 
 Awesome guitar lines. Pure power here. Good solid driving riffs. Songs are chugging along at breakneck speed. This is not the typical metal act though. Some of these guitar runs are insane! Early Lizzy Borden…that’s the sound that I hear within these songs. Awesome.
“Burning Wings” is hands down one of my favorites. Power metal with some thought behind it. They crafted a real sonic assault here and it works. 
“The realm Of Hell”….Holy crap are you kidding me. This is a wrecking machine of guitar musicianship. I love this tune. Epic in its form yet not too overdone. This album is getting better and better…and louder. “When eternity Ends”, “Freedom or Death” are two more standouts. Solid drum and bass. Behind every song on this album is a crunchy lock-tite rhythm section that kicks ass. And the vocals are fiery and powerful. This dude has a set of pipes on him that are earthshattering yet commercially viable.
  “Vengeance”….wow…just a great song
O.K.  Stop reading this and buy this album. Then jump in your car and ride. Metal is meant for the road. Play this loud and proud!!!!!!!!
7 out of 10 horns up!!!

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