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S'mores Wedding Favors From the Other Side of the World

By Innstilettos
S'mores Wedding Favors From the Other Side of the World  I have had such a ball writing this blog and learned more about weddings than I could have ever imagined possible.  I have also made some amazing friends from all corners of the world from just posting this blog daily.  My friend, Heba Al-Nasser, and I met about a month ago via Facebook when I posted an article about building a s'mores bar for your wedding-    Heba is from Jordan where S'mores were never heard.  It wasn't until she traveled to the United States in 2009 that she had the opportunity to enjoy an evening with her American friends. During some friendly chat, Heba was asked "would you like some more?"  At least that is what she heard.  Flustered and not clearly understanding what was being asked  she muttered a "yes."  A yes that would soon change her life and the lives of many Jordanians.  S'mores Wedding Favors From the Other Side of the World Heba fell madly in love with this chocolate marshmallow treat neatly placed upon a graham cracker.  It wasn't long after that she traveled back home and described the treat to her sister, Sawsan- a adventurous lover of cooking.  Together, they prepared a plan to bring the sticky treats to their people.  A big food festival was coming Amman and though they were not a large food company they pitched their idea to GAM and were soon being hosted. With 10,000 visitors attending the event, Heba and Sawsan were soon up to the eyebrows in S'mores making ingredients.  Offering samples to those who visited their table, it would not be long before the s'mores craze was welcomed by the Jordanian people. S'mores Wedding Favors From the Other Side of the World  Heba has designed and come up with a S'mores packaged favor for weddings.  It is a  delightful way to share your love of this sweet treat and perhaps a lovely way to accent a country wedding. S'mores Wedding Favors From the Other Side of the World What I love about Heba's creations is that she has incorporated the S'more's phenomenon into newly designed desserts.  Who would not love a large piece of this magnificent cake? S'mores Wedding Favors From the Other Side of the World  The rest is history.  Soon she had her family helping her as they moved from festival to festival delighting the people of their country enjoy this American treat.  She has even broadened the allure by allowing her customers to add sprinkles and pineapple.  I strongly urge you to visit Heba's Facebook page You will be able to see the many spectacular treats they have to offer.  Kisses,  Deborah 

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