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Ryan Gosling Special Needs Parenting

By Thibben @aspieadventures
Ryan Gosling Special Needs Parenting   Yes folks, once again it is time for a Sunday Stilwell Special! That's right, Ryan Gosling is about to go all Autism Parenting on you! If you have no idea what I'm talking about just jet over to Adventures In Extreme Parenthood to check out not only my linked up Ryan Gosling posts but all the other awesome bloggers that throw in their posters as well. So funny!
   I got off work at the hospital at about 5:30AM this morning & headed home to catch an hour of sleep then get things ready for more Easter photos that we were doing. I built a fence, the wife painted & made bunting, add a vintage quilt on the ground & I think our Easter set up for photos this year was a massive hit! At one point I think we had 20 people waiting in line to get their child's photo done! That leads me to my new section of Adventures In Aspergers, I'm starting a photography section! Head over to Aspie Adventures Photography to find cool posts of how to photograph your kids {special needs or not}, cool ideas for simple backdrops, camera stuff & much much more!!
On to the fun...
Ryan Gosling Special Needs Parenting
This week I really thought Ryan could use a bit of help from one of my favorite people in the world....Ron Freakin' Swanson! This kind of goes along with a "Everything I need to know about parenting a special needs kid I learned from Ron Swanson" Blog post that is headed your way soon!
Ryan Gosling Special Needs Parenting
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