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Russian’s Basic and Common Vocabulary to Learn Language

By Tlb

Russian language might not be the international lingo in the world, but to learn Russian at Language School has lots of issues to discuss. In Russia, their language has a full, long story of their history, and that correlates to the country’s wonderful culture. As they say, the firm of Russia emerges in worldwide affairs not that bad, for Russian language consistently exists.

Learn Russian: cyrillic keyboard layout

Russian cyrillic keyboard

For beginners, learning Russian language can be overwhelming. Through the basic guide below, you can track your mastery level. Learning the basic and the most common words of Russian language will have a large impact as you start to learn languageof Russia’s native tool in verbal communication: 

Russian letters and its pronunciation

a (short “Ah!”)

б (b like bet)

в (v like Vette)

г (g like Gucci)

д (d like dad)

е (short “Yay!”)

ё (Yo!)

ж (zh like azure)

з  (z like zit)

и (short “ee”)

й (y like yuck!)

к (k like kit)

л (L like let)

м (m like met)

н (n like net)

о (short “Oh!”)

п (p like pet)

р (r like run)

с (s like set)

т (t like tet)

у (short “Oo!”)

ф (f like fifty)

х (kh like loch)

ц (ts like lets)

ч (ch like church)

ш (sh like sush)

щ (shch like cheese)

ъ (hard sign)

ы (between “I” and “u”)

ь (soft sign)

э (short “eh?”)

ю (yu like you)

я ((ya like yatch)

Common Russian words with right pronunciation and English translation

  1. Да (da) means YES
  2. нет (neet) means NO
  3. рабо́та (rah-boh-tah) means WORK, JOB
  4. лицо́ (lee-tsoh) means A FACE
  5. челове́к (chee-luh-vyehk) means PERSON, HUMAN
  6. он (Ohn) means HE, IT
  7. она́ (h-nah) means SHE
  8. жизнь (hizhn’) means LIFE
  9. вре́мя (vreh-mya) means TIME
  10. год (oht) means YEAR
  11. хоро́ший (hah-roh-shiy) means GOOD, FINE, NICE
  12. весь (vyehs’) means ALL, WHOLE
  13. но (noh) means BUT

Russian examples of sentence construction

  1. Как вас зовут? – (What is your name? / How are you called?)
  2. Рад познакомиться с вами. – (I’m glad to meet [with] you.)
  3. Что вы делали? – (What were you doing?)
  4. Я не знаю. – (I don’t know.)
  5. Рад познакомиться с вами. – (I’m glad to meet [with] you.)
  6. Извини, но мне надо идти. – (I’m sorry, but I have to go.)
  7. Спасибо за приглашение. – (Thank you for the invitation.)
  8. Мы из России. – (We’re from Russia.)
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