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Russian Language Also Has Its Funny Side

By Tlb
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For the information of many, English is not only the only language who has its funny side, just as our previous article wrote entitled The Funny Side of Learning Languages. Do you know that Russian also has its own funny side?

Take a look at the following Russian funny phrases below. It’s written in Russian provided with English translation. Prepare yourselves as you burst yourself to laugh at these funny phrases!

Russian: Откуда происходят все болезни? Все болезни от нервов, только сифилис от удовольствия.

English: Where do all the illnesses come from? All the illnesses come from nerves, only syphilis comes from pleasure.

Russian: Почему петух поeт всю жизнь? Потому, что у него много жeн и ни одной тeщи.

English: Why does a rooster sings all his life? Because he’s got a lot of wives and not a single mother in law.

Russian: Какое сходство между женской ножкой и телевышкой? Чем выше, тем больше дух захватывает.

English: What are the similarities between a woman’s leg and a cellular tower? The higher it is, the more it grasps your heart.

Russian: Может ли собака получить инфаркт? Может, если ей создать человеческие условия.

English: Can a dog have a heart attack? Yes, it can, if human conditions will be created for it.

Russian: Если человек счастлив больше одного дня, значит от него что-то скрывают.

English: If a person is happy for more than one day, that means that people are hiding something from him.

Russian: Сделать женщину счастливой – легко, только очень дорого.

English: It is easy to make a woman happy, but it is very expensive.

There are other Russian funny phrases known to man today, and if you are interested in learning all of it, you are highly recommended to learn Russian in a language school, abroad, or even just sit on your comfortable seats logging to the Internet. Learning Russian is both challenging and enjoyable– but I assure you that it will be enjoyable, especially when you think of these Russian funny phrases as your motivation to learn the language.

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