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Running Related Tidbits (2)

By Travelspot06 @travelspot06
The last week has been a bevy of running related experiences. I am going to share a few of them with you.
- I went to see my parents last weekend. My dad had a 5k race on Saturday so I ran with him. I am not going to write his recap for him (Dad -- I need your race report by noon tomorrow) but he did great. We started off at a "conversational" pace. He runs naked (sans Garmin) so he runs according to how he feels. He is also very modest. I think he thinks he runs a 9 minute mile, but we were clocking in between 7 and 8 minute miles the entire time. He ended up with a 23:xx and an average pace of 7:54 (or thereabouts). He also got 2nd in his age group. I am so proud of him. He has always been an inspiration to me and is the main reason I am as active as I am today!
- Last weekend I volunteered for a 50k race. I was at one of the aid stations, giving water and food to all the runners. To get to the aid station, I had to run to it, which was a ten mile run. I started at 7 a.m. and ran with the guys who do the course markings (flour and ribbons), which took about 2.5 hours. Then we handed out aid (with a group of boy scouts who were a kick in the pants -- how old are they? 50 or 15?) to the runners, which was SO inspiring. They were fast, slow, young, old, big and small! I think I am ready to follow their footsteps and try my own ultra! After the race, which was HOT, we ran the 10 miles back to the car. I made some new (great) friends and had a very good time!
- I am looking to buy a hydration pack/vest. I want something that is not too big, doesn't bounce around (naturally), holds about 2 liters and has pockets on the front straps/waist belt. Abbi suggested the Intensity and I also looked at the HPL#020. What do you guys think? Any suggestions?
- On Wednesday night I decided to go join up with a trail running group. I did it mostly because the Brooks rep was going to be there and so I got a chance to wear test the Pure Connect, which is a low drop shoe which is quite light. I actually wanted to try the trail running shoe, the Pure Grit, since I am thinking about buying a trail runner and wanted to test a couple out before buying. I generally wear Asics because I like to have a wider toe box, but would be open to trying something different! I want it to be fairly light and have a rock plate if possible (I like the Fuji Racer, but have heard negative reports about the holes in the bottom). Do you have a trail running shoe you can recommend?  
- As for the group run, the shoes were pretty good! And I am not sore at all: not feet, not legs, not sore! I have to admit, I tried the Brooks Glycerine and am not a fan. But maybe next time I need a new shoe, I will get the Connct. But for now, I will stick to my Asics. Other than the shoes, the run was okay. I still ran alone, which is what I prefer. And I've run in the area before, so it wasn't even like I found a fun new running trail. I really don't think I am a group running type person. I like to run at my own pace. I did notice a lot of folks running in little groups, so maybe it's great for them, but I don't think it's for me. It was nice to test out the shoes though.
- I signed up for race #6 of 12 in 2012: See Jane Run Half Marathon in Alameda on June 3rd. This will give me the opportunity to run a flatter (read: non trail) race to see how my road running fitness is going. After that though, I am back to the trails on June 23rd for this race, which I think I will do as a 30k. There is also a marathon and a 50k, which as John pointed out, would make me a Maniac (3 marathons or longer length in 90 days) if I did one of those instead.
Have you ever run as a pacer/bandit/friend with someone at their race? Are you a maniac? Do you like going on group runs (and if so, why)?
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