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Run Like The Wind

By Travelspot06 @travelspot06

When I first started running, it was difficult. The miles went by slowly; it was hot outside; the work days were long and the last thing I wanted to do afterwards was suit up and go for a run. If you have ever run a mile, you know that in every run, the first couple of miles are hard. Your breathing is strained; your face is burning; your legs are screaming; your mind is wondering why you would do this to yourself. Then the endorphins kick in and it becomes, not necessarily easy, but tolerable. Easier. After that, you get through the run and when you are done, you feel good.

Run Like The Wind

Snowy run on Christmas Day

Lately, I have not had that dreaded feeling of the first couple of miles. The runs have started out, dare I say it, fun. Even though my heart and lungs still need to get used to the activity, it’s not as bad as it could be. It doesn’t feel horrible. It doesn’t even feel okay. It feels good! This is a little strange to me, since I have been running trails lately, which are hilly, and also I am running at about 2500 feet elevation, which although is not high, is higher than the 400 in Missouri or the 49 in San Francisco!
It’s still hard to get out the door sometimes. I am comfy in my pajamas or I’ve had a long day or it’s too cold outside. But once the run starts, all those feelings go away. Today my Dad and I ran 6 miles, with a total elevation gain of about 2500 ft. It was hard. The hills were tiring. It felt great though. As I was running back down the trail with the wind flowing (literally) through my hair, I almost giggled with glee because it felt so good! Who knew, running CAN be fun!? 

Run Like The Wind

Trail running with Dad

I know it’s great when I feel stressed and need something to calm me down; it’s a nice way to get out of the house; it’s good for an energy kick, for fitness and for health. But I never really did it for fun. I always heard other people say how much they liked running and I never really got it. I tried to think back over my time running to figure out when it switched from being a chore to being something that I like doing. I am not sure when it was, but it’s happened. After all this time running, I think I like it. I really like it.
** I am still participating in the HBBC, hosted by Run to The Finish! There is only one more week! Here are the totals for the week of December 24 – 30: 25 miles / 7 days freggies (I took this from Elle of Eat, Run, Sail) = 31 total points** Don't forget to pop over to Jill's to see other participants of Fitness Friday! **

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