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Rules: Why Bother?

By Tieshasadie @TieshaSadie
It began as a typical Sunday.  I was running late and you were already on your second drink.
The ridiculously gorgeous Indian hostess was wearing a purple bra under her transparent top (I paused to stare before making it over to the table).
Upon meeting your glance, you shook your head with that annoying "knowing" look in your eye.  At the table, I removed my sunglasses and took my entire glass of water to the head.  We exchanged our normal greetings, saturated in sarcasm and fondness:
"well, don't you look gorgeous"
"why oh why didn't I skip getting laid to go parlae-ing with you"
"you are by far the best dressed person in here this morning"
As always, brunch was perfect.  We made small talk with our neighboring diners, rapped about evening deeds, spontaneously broke into harmonies, and picked off of each other's plates.  It was a beautiful day in D.C. and hangover aside, I was in an amazing mood.  My bus back to NY wasn't until later on that night, so we decided to try and squeeze in as much quality time as we could.  We drove to my hotel, where I gathered up all my belongings and you raided the mini fridge.  Moments later, we were back on the road en route to your apartment.  Upon arrival, we left my bags in the car and headed upstairs.  You went into your bedroom to change, so I took off my shoes and curled up on the couch with my iPad to check my e-mails.  You walked in wearing basketball shorts and a wifebeater, carrying your laptop.  You lifted my legs up with your free hand and laid them across your lap.  As per usual, it was as if we had never spent time apart.  You told me about the new woman in your life and how you were fucking up....I told you about the new woman in my life and how I was trying not to fuck up.  You showed me her picture of your lady on your iMac and I showed you a few of my queen via iPhone.  We always have the best conversations when it comes to relations versus internal conflicts.  I love that you get me and I know that I'm the only broad in your life, who you can talk to about those kinds of things.  Two hours of chatting later, and the discussion had shifted to housing.  I told you that I was looking to move before the end of the year...
"Well shit, you should wait until I move back to NY, we could be rumpus roomies", you replied.
"You and me, roommates? I would never get any fucking sleep"
"What do you mean?"
"With all the vaginas that you have to maintain on a daily basis and as loud as you are. Baby, please"
"True dat.  But, you really are not one to talk."
"Oh. Fuck you very much, good sir"
For some reason, that not even I can explain, my last statement provoked a collective deep silence.  We locked eyes and then looked away, lost in our own thoughts.  You put down your laptop, turned to face me, and put your hand on my thigh.  I sat up and simply said, "So...".  You responded, "We are so fucking ridiculous.  All I want is to be with you and your stubborn ass feels the same way.  You need to just let me love you, yo."  I shook my head, stood up and started walking towards the kitchen.  You ran up behind me and spun me to face you.  And then you did fucking did it, AGAIN.  You kissed me...that kiss of yours is lethal and do recognize that I hate you for it.  You lifted me in your arms and sat me on top of the counter.  I can tell you now, with complete honesty, that I do not recall anything that occurred within those few seconds, your mouth was my only concern.  I was enthralled in the passion radiating through your flesh and simultaneously possessing mine.  The waves of emotions ravaging my senses left me free of reason and mad with lust.
I have replayed that afternoon in my mind countless times, I have even caught myself daydreaming about it during conferences.  You took something from me that day and I'm just...I'm just not sure if I want it back.  I'm just not sure.
And to think, you were the one who made the rule.Rules: Why Bother?Rules: Why Bother?

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