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Rules and Benefits of Commenting on Blog

Posted on the 14 March 2014 by Babanature @proudlyonenaija

As one grows and develops in blogging, there is always thirst for comments on posts published. When there is no comment, some feel they have not done enough publicity even when the post polished is fantastic and some feel they have not written a very good post.


Actually, most times, the reason you’re not getting comments on your site might be caused by many things. Some bloggers just write anything for the sake of “let me just comment”, they don’t really have something to say, some did not even read the post, they just write something. That is unfair and uncalled for.

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So let us get into business.


Do Not Spam

Spam is the enemy of all bloggers. No blogger will approve spam comments, because it is at the detriment of Google’s penalty. If Google marks the blog as a site with spams, they are likely to ban the site. So, when commenting, always make sure your comment does not contain repetitive words. Don’t post a link if it is not genuine.

Don’t Share Stupid Comments

Smiles, Sorry if Rude but what do I mean by Stupid Comments? Stupid comments are comments like “Great Article”, “Thanks for Sharing”, “I love your Post” etc. When you are commenting, make sure you write valuable and resourceful comments, not short comments that can’t profit. To be sincere, I better not get any comment than getting short comments that are not resourceful. If you don’t have anything to say, read the posts again and summarize what the author has written.

Make Your Comment Understandable and Inline

While commenting on a blog, make sure it is understandable, precise, concise and in line with what the author has posted. Going out of what the author has posted will be rude and will not speak well of you. Don’t use ambiguous words because the comment is not only for you, but for everyone that visits that site.


You don’t just comment on someone’s blog, if not that there are reasons for doing that, some of the reasons are;

To build up more Relationship

Relationship is essential in blogging, as a blogger you have to make sure you associate with other blogger, comment, share, and tweet their posts. When commenting, always remember to subscribe to the mail of the blog you are visiting, so you can be a regular commenter. Although it’s not easy, but you have to do it little by little. Set up a comment plan, like I have always be doing, and make sure you strive for the first to comment on any new post.

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I try to comment on every bloggers’ blog I have as a friend, and I have always been between the first and third to comment. Although I just started that habit, because I don’t really find it easy to comment, but with time, I got acquainted with it and it now flows within me, I just need to involve more in it.

To get quality Backlinks

The meaning of Backlinks is just the way the name sounds, back to the link. When you want to comment, there are forms you fill, you fill form fields like Name, Email, Website, and Comment. The Website connects to your Name, so that anyone that likes your comment can easily check out your website and therefore becomes part of your commenter. If your comment is not resourceful, your comment will be ignored. If you also comment on a CommentLuv enabled site. You have two chances of getting backlink; the first one is through your name linked to your website or the do-follow link of your latest post attached to your comment, thereby directing anyone interested to your latest post.

To Increase the Visibility of Your Site

Your site is just in the valley, and will stay in the valley when no one is visiting the site. Commenting on other people’s site gives your blog a better chance of being noticed. There is no magic, the logic is once people visit your blog and they finds it resourceful, people will visit constantly when they see any of your post your shared somewhere.  If your blog is not found resourceful, people will feel reluctant to visit again.

To Increase Comments on Your Blog

Another reason you comment is to increase the number of commenters on your blog. When your blog is found resourceful, people who are visiting will always be geared to comment, but if not resourceful, they will just read through and leave your blog. You must always gear your audience to comment on your blog.

Back to You

It looks like Miracle have said so much about so much on the topic of blog commenting, don’t you think. Now it’s time to pass the keyboard to you guys.

What do you think about the post? Do you have anything to add? Then please do use the comment box below. You know that your contributions are always welcomed and much appreciated.

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