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Rugby World Cup - New Zealand Vs Japan - 76 Points Difference Game

Posted on the 16 September 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Rugby World Cup - New Zealand vs Japan - 76 points difference gameYou're right, I don't normally feature SPORT on Free Planet. But sport has proved itself to be a central part of mankind's reason for being, it forms an essential part of their lives. In the old Roman Empire 'sport' was lavished upon the people in the Coliseum to gain their votes, or at least their acquiescence from the temptation to rebel. Hey, the Roman games used to be free, too. And now we're shafted by sport clubs who buy extortionately expensive players and pass the cost onto the fans. But at least we are no longer SLAUGHTERING men, women, children and animals in our modern sporting calendar.
Anyway, sport.
Yes, poor Japan met the enormously talented ALL BLACKS this morning in a Rugby World Cup match. Thirteen tries from eleven different NZ team members. Final score of 83 points to 7 in NZ's favour. And it's not like the Japanese are a new team, unlike the Russians who were thrashed by the USA the other day.
I know, I'm no sports journalist. And who cares? This post is really about the STATE OF SPORT on a Free Planet. Remember, cities have crumbled and mankind is on the move, for the sake of planetary re-wilding and re-planting. Countries have been abolished and everyone is allowed to move around the planet free of all restrictions; in solo or in families or in socio-ethical Diversities.
They're all 'doing right by Free Planet'.
But what happens to TEAMS COMPETING FOR VICTORY in unarmed competition? As has already been said, sport has proven itself to be a very popular part of mankind's existence. Everybody is keen to show they're the best at something. I mean, this is why events like THE OLYMPICS and the WORLD CUP (football) and the WINTER OLYMPICS are such eagerly-awaited quadrennial events. We love to either take part in or just watch competitive sport in all its various forms.
And this will not change on a Free Planet.
But how do you make 'sporting teams'? How do these teams train together when the members of the team might be in different parts of the world at different times of the year?
Will mankind revert to Sparta-like specialist 'named' Diversities where the sole aim for its individuals is to be the 'best at some task' be it football, swimming, rubgy, gymnastics etc?
How will the future of sport look when different groups of individuals are on the move every two weeks or so? What about the sport grounds for training, everyone sharing venues? Who will you cheer for, if 'country' no longer makes sense? Interesting times ahead for sport on a Free Planet.

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