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Ruffle Bum

By Curdsnwhey
I made this baby gift for a friend the other day, and can I just say that I love making little girl things.  You can make so many fun things for girls.
Ruffle BumToday I'm going to show you how to make a ruffle bum onesie and the cute headband.  (Sorry no booties today because that would be an extremely long and complicated post.)
Here's the how to:
First off I'm going to apologize for the awful pictures and the fact that I don't have very many for the onesie.
Items Needed for Onesie:
-Ribbon/Fabric/Tulle whatever you prefer.
-Matching thread
First you are going to place the ribbon on the top part of the curve of the leg and 2.5 times the length of the ribbon.  Then burn (not really burn the flame doesn't touch the ribbon you just need the heat of it)  the edges of the ribbon with a lighter to prevent fraying.  Then use a basting stitch to ruffle it.  MY TRICK: put your machine on the longest stitch and turn your tension up it ruffles itself and you don't have to pull on any strings to ruffle it.  Then pin your ruffle in place and sew it to the onesie.  *First picture out of 2 coming up now!
Ruffle Bum* Try to straighten the ruffles out as you go.
Now you are going to do 3-4 rows of those depending on your width of fabric.  I did four.
Ruffle BumAnd that's that.  I added the heart to the front using one of my earlier tutorials found here.
Now onto the headband.

Items Needed:
-Elastic for Headband
-Hot Glue Gun
First start by sealing your ribbon to prevent fraying.
Ruffle BumNext tie a knot at the end of your ribbon.
Ruffle BumNow you are going to twist your ribbon around itself while twisting it around the knot.  Add a little glue as you go along.
Ruffle BumWhen you come close to the end of your ribbon you are going to add glue to the underneath side and glue the end down.
Ruffle BumRuffle BumNow add of few pearls if you like and glue it to the headband.  Now let your little girl put it on and feel pretty!
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