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Rude Guest

By Blairbarnes

So awhile back I stopped serving and became a hostess because I was 8
months pregnant. I had a huge belly and I couldnt do as much running
around. Anywho.. so a day that started off as a normal slow Monday got
crazy, a ton of people walked in at once. Of course I was the only
hostess on… just fucking lovely. So Im taking names and handing out
pagers, I quoted this one man 10 min for a table of six. Not bad the
only reason the wait was 10 was because of all the people that had
recently came in before him. We had enough tables for everyone.. but
thats about how long it would take to call and seat the other
guests… so Im paging people on the list.. and I see the man staring
at me and he just has this angry look on his face and Im wondering
what happend..

Im not over his quote so I tried not to worry about
it.. then as Im about to seat the last table that was in front of him
he started yelling at me telling me hes been looking at a open table
for the past five min and they should have been sat there already. I
try to calmly explain that there is one of me and there were others
that had came in first.. it didnt register.. he continued on and on..
I sat him ahead of the other table and he tells me “now was that so
damn hard?!”… and under his breath says “God people are getting
stupider and stupider.” Yeah Ill say…

- Stephanie

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