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Ruby Red Grapefruit Martini

By Ally @allykitchen
ruby red grapefruit martini

Move over cosmo, the ruby red grapefruit martini has eclipsed into the first place martini! Refreshing, ruby hues, and lots of flavor & sips!

Ruby Martini

My hubby loves a great martini. He says shake it a lot. Get lots of little ice crystals in it. And, whenever he makes a martini, he gets rave reviews! So, I'm hoping this ruby martini will make him proud.

Ruby Red Grapefruit Martini

If you've not discovered ruby red grapefruit juice, then get ready for explosive flavors that are unexpected. Ruby red grapefruit was a delicacy growing up in those mountains of Appalachia. We usually got this decadent fruit, well we considered it decadent, during the Christmas holidays along with lots of Florida fresh oranges. Oh, if Mom had know how to make a freshly squeezed ruby red grapefruit martini! Her world would have changed for the better.

Ruby Martini Cocktail

The ruby martini cocktail is simple and refreshing. I'm serving it in the non-traditional stemware. Imagine that. Me bulking the 'norm' of a martini glass.

Grapefruit Cocktails

Grapefruit cocktails whether fresh or not are perfect for expanding your palate happiness. And, when you toss in these frozen fresh cranberries your ruby red grapefruit martini stays chilled and happy so much longer. Plus, it just makes you happy seeing those cranberries floating atop the beautiful drink. Careful don't eat them. Oh, they're edible. But, talk about bitter. No, that would spoil your palate.

Cocktail with Grapefruit Juice

When you're mixing grapefruit cocktails with this bold flavors and sunshiny brightness, you'll have choices for alcohol. From tequila and gin to rum or vodka, all work well.

And, here's a tidbit. Grapefruit juice and vodka (or gin) as the spirit is known as the classic 'Greyhound'. In 1945, it was first seen in print in Harper's Magazine. Apparently this was the popular cocktail at Greyhound bus terminas back then. Imagine that. I wasn't of age or I surely would have ordered the Greyhound!

Refreshing Cocktails

Try some of my other refreshing cocktails. I just love finding cute glasses and mixing up my madness!

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ruby red grapefruit martini


ruby red grapefruit martini

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