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Rotten Fish, Rotten Extremists

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Funny story. A Turkish media team parked their car in Mea Shearim to do some filming. The team members got out of the car to check out the area, and while they were out a local kannoi/extremist thug spotted the car with professional cameras inside. Assuming it was an Israeli news channel present for some local filming, he smashed the windows of the car with a rock and tossed in some rotten fish.
A short while later the Turks returned and to their horror discovered what had happened to their car. Local residents realized what happened and apologized for the mix up, explaingint hey thought it was of an Israeli team. source: Kikar (with video)
Funny and sad story. It is ok to destroy the Israeli car but not the Turkish car. We ain't got no beef with the Turks! Maybe Israeli media teams going to film in such areas should dress up their cars with Turkish or foreign license plates or banners or other paraphernalia to make it look foreign.
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