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Rosemary Cherry Crush with Tequila and Cherry Preserves

By Creativeculinary @CreativCulinary

Rosemary Cherry Crush with Tequila and Cherry Preserves

One fun and unexpected benefit from crafting a cocktail each week has been the discovery of how versatile tequila is. I say with some confidence that before I started Friday Cocktails I only thought of tequila cocktails as either a margarita or a shot. Period. I'm so grateful for expanding my tequila horizons; this Rosemary Cherry Crush with Tequila and Cherry Preserves is SO delicious...I really have come a long way baby! I first published this cocktail several years ago and decided I should share it again after making it this week for friends who flipped for it.

I've mixed tequila with sparkling wine, coffee and hot chocolate and loved all of them but for this cocktail today it's added to a muddled mix of rosemary, lime and cherry preserves which is topped with some spicy ginger beer. Yes, I did say cherry preserves. Preserves are a wonderful and simple way to add some fruit to your cocktails and there's nothing wrong with keeping it simple, right?

Plus you can make this cocktail without regard to seasonal produce; I did not want to wait until May! I LOVE seasonal fruits in my adult beverages but I also love serving this drink over the holidays when there is nary a cherry in sight. Need more preserve inspiration? Check out another favorite, this Orange Marmalade Margarita and then go to town; almost any cocktail that calls for fresh fruit can be modified using preserves so that seasonal can't stop you from having a right?

Rosemary Cherry Crush with Tequila and Cherry Preserves

I was provided with a bottle of Partida Tequila which is available as an Anejo, Blanco or Reposado Tequila. Not only did I receive a sample box of all three but also a full bottle of he Reposado, my personal favorite. Smoother than the Anejo and sweeter than the Blanco, it was really easy to drink. Maybe I just have a prejudice for Reposado but this is both a nice sipping tequila and a great mixer. A nice slow heat when sipped, it added the perfect touch to this beautiful cocktail.

Blue agave ( Agave tequiliana Weber) is actually a member of the lily family, even though it looks like it must be related to the cactus. It's grown in certain parts of Mexico and the plants-which can grow up to 15 feet tall-take 8 - 12 years to mature before they're ripe for harvesting for tequila. To be considered a premium tequila like Partida, it must be made from 100% Blue Agave. Partida is also one of the few tequilas that qualifies as "estate grown" which means that the company owns all the land that their agave is grown on, best to assure both quality and consistency. I've received a fair number of tequila samples and I can honestly say this is one of my favorites.

Rosemary Cherry Crush with Tequila and Cherry Preserves

Sweet and tart with warmth from the tequila and spice from the ginger beer, this Rosemary Cherry Crush with Tequila and Cherry Preserves was one terrific cocktail. I can't wait to serve it to guests again this evening. After the week I've had, tonight there will be no just taking a few sips, nope. I plan to drink the whole thing and maybe's really THAT good!

Serves One cocktail

5 minPrep Time

Rosemary Cherry Crush with Tequila and Cherry Preserves

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I received a bottle of Partida Tequila to review however all commentary is my own.

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