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RÒSA Talks About ‘Stranger’ and ‘Wasteful’

Posted on the 13 December 2017 by Entertainmentjolt @Entertain_Jolt

With the sound of Indie-pop on the rise, RÒSA is making their own path with the single Stranger and Wasteful EP.

With a group of three guys, I wanted to know more about how they were able to come up with the two new singles and possibly where we can catch them perform live.  Well, I was able to get my questions answered as they were kind enough to take time and answer a few.

RÒSA talks about ‘Stranger’ and ‘Wasteful’Who is your inspiration when writing/working on new music?

I don’t know if any person is our inspiration. But the people that inspire our music are the great writers and producers that came before us. All the women we’ve had relationships with definitely inspire us as well haha. That probably sounds cliche but it’s true so do with that what you will.
Tell us what your newest single Stranger is about and when can people expect to be able to get it?
Stranger will be available everywhere you can buy music. The song is about an uneasiness with meaningless sexual encounters while at the same time desiring them. It’s about that fucked up contradiction where you sometimes want to use someone, but hate the culture because it implies you will be used as well. It’s about desiring connection in the context of deep selfishness.
Are you working on any new music other than Stranger?
Yeah! We are constantly writing and working on new stuff. Stranger is going to be a part of a collection of songs! There will be a new EP out early 2018. We are very excited for it!
What can people hear when they listen to the Wasteful EP?
The Wasteful EP was more of an experiment for us! We worked with a producer with a unique style and he influenced the songs. All the songs are danceable and rhythmic! We are proud of what we made and think it’s fun.
RÒSA talks about ‘Stranger’ and ‘Wasteful’What do you want your fans to take away from your music?
That’s a big question. We want them first to enjoy it. I want it to make them feel good on the surface. Eventually though I hope I’m honest enough in my songs to force people to reflect about the deeper things in their own life. I think suffering and processing through painful experiences is so important in becoming a realized and full human being. So I hope we can be some kind of catalyst for that.
Who is your dream person to work with?
There’s a lot of amazing producers and song writers we’d love to work with! Guys like Rostam and Ariel and Dev Hynes would be amazing. More immediately, we have friends that I think are amazing that I’d love to work with like Jake McMullen and Micah from a band called Myzica. We really love working alone as well. This new EP is entirely self produced and we are very proud of it.
Are you performing anytime soon? If so where can the readers see you?
We are planning shows at start of the new year around LA. Readers should follow us on social media applications to keep updated and shit.
www.facebook.com/rosarosatheband www.twitter.com/rosatheband
You can take a listen to Stranger below. And tell us what you think of the band below!

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