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Ron Kubi Tries to Stop Women from Convincing Women to Avoid IDF Draft

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The latest in Tiberias is the recent increase in activity of Haredi women, affiliated with the Eida, who stand near the Lishkat Giyus - the IDF Draft offices - and try to persuade women about to be drafted to refuse the draft and they tell them how they can get out of it. This is done in a number of places, but it seems to be relatively new in Tiberias.
The mayor, Ron Kubi, went today and got into an argument with this pair of women, telling them they should leave and what they are doing is illegal, and whatnot. They took out a letter from a lawyer claiming it to be legal, but Kubi kept bothering them insisting they leave and that he would do whatever he can to prevent them from doing this.
source: Actualic (with video)
I don't know what is legal and what is not on this issue. If what they are doing is legal, Kubi can't do anything but make it uncomfortable for them. If it is illegal, the police should remove them. Even if it is legal, if they are bothering the women trying to go in, the women should, or could if they want to, file a complaint about being harassed outside the draft office. If what they are doing is legal, there is not really anything else he can do about it. The public sidewalk is a public sidewalk and they can stand there and give out flyers and talk to people just like anyone else can - as long as they don't break any relevant laws in the process.
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