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Romantic Summer Wedding in Paros with an Olive Theme | Delphine & Alexandros

By Eleni Balkouli @Love4Wed

Today’s wedding will transport you to a beautiful island of Kyklades, Paros! The lovely couple chose this lovely holiday destination to have their dream wedding and celebrate their love with their loved ones. Sensyle Events created a dreamy scenery with lush flower arrangements with white roses and olive branches. The bride was stunning in her flowy wedding dress, which she perfectly paired with a long veil stealing the show with her relaxed romantic style. Enjoy this gorgeous wedding full of romanticism and elegance through the following photos!
Captured beautifully by Ak3fotografia

romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_00 romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_01

The bride shared with us: “We met at work in Geneva, Switzerland in 2013. We moved to the US a couple of years after. Alex proposed in our little apartment in Cambridge, MA. He hid the ring in its box in the sofa. He went to buy some pastries and made the surprise to me while we were eating. It was very cute!”

romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_01x romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_02 romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_02x romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_03 romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_07x romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_08 romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_09 romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_09x romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_10 romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_10x romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_11

“The ceremony took place in Naoussa, Paros island. We like Paros. It is less crowded than Mykonos or Santorini, but still very beautiful with white houses. We thought that it would also be convenient to have an airport for our guests and good infrastructures for venues, hotels, etc.”

romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_11x romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_12 romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_12A romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_13

“My bridal bouquet had white peonies. We put flower garlands of white roses on the door of the church, as well as on the tables at the venue. We also had many candles in golden jars. We had a lemonade stand at the church and a cheese stand at the venue. The groom and its best men were wearing boutonnieres made of olive leaves and white flower. The bridesmaids had corsage made of olive leaves too. The seating plan was made of arch with hanging olive branches and roses in little glass jars. The names were attached to the olive branches. We offered little honey jars with a wooden spoon as a favor to our guests”.

romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_13x romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_15 romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_16 romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_17x romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_18 romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_20 romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_21 romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_22 romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_23 romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_23x romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_24 romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_24x romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_25 romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_25A romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_29x romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_31 romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_32x

“Everything was the best! But if we have to pick one special moment it was probably the shooting under the amazing sunset”.


Bride’s advice: “Do not be afraid to share your budget, the “wedding tax” is real”.

romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_36 romantic-summer-wedding-paros-olive-theme_36x

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